Virtual Internship Platform

Think there’s a better way to do internships?
Think virtual internships.

A better way, not a pale imitation

Virtual internships hold huge potential. They increase the number of internships you can offer. They can help you reach more diverse candidates. And they make it easy to make internships deliver more for both the intern and the business. But copy and pasting the old way of doing internships doesn’t work. Accessing all the benefits of a standout virtual internship program takes a structured approach, and the right tools and expertise.

Introducing the Virtual Internship Platform

Why settle for half-measures or partial solutions? What you need is an end-to-end internship experience that is as impactful virtually as it would be live. Meet our Virtual Internship Platform (VIP). Powered by Meet & Engage’s proven technology, and leveraging our early careers expertise, VIP enables you to recruit and onboard interns virtually, providing them with an exceptional experience from start to finish.

Key features and benefits

- Easy to access and use—VIP is accessible on any device and uses a familiar social-style interface.

- Intuitive workflow design—customise your candidate journey using simple drag-and-drop functionality.

- Flexible content—use systems and content you already have or add new modules to fill any gaps.

- Real-time engagement and experience monitoring—recruiter/hiring manager alerts and a detailed analytics dashboard.

Take engagement to the next level

No need to limit your virtual early careers recruiting to internships. Use VIP for everything from onboarding and graduate inductions to “keep warm” initiatives.

Looking to strengthen your entire early careers and campus programme?

Businesses needs fresh, diverse talent today to thrive tomorrow. Our early careers and campus offering is precision targeted on specific talent pools, driven by our understanding of where and how to reach the best early career talent.

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