Single Process RPO

One challenge. No solution? Meet Wellington Recruitment.

Reinforcements—but only where you need them

Struggling to meet a new sourcing challenge? Or solve a recurring problem in the recruitment process? Or fix an admin issue that’s keeping you up at night and your team from doing their jobs? We can provide the specialist support you’re missing—and you don’t have to outsource your entire talent acquisition process to access it. Single-process outsourcing injects our tools, technology and know-how into your function, precisely where you need them.

Bring in sourcing troubleshooters

Your team is committed to hiring great people. But great people are sometimes extremely hard to find. Tap into our specialist expertise to solve your toughest sourcing challenges. Diversifying talent pools? Attracting veterans? Targeting candidates with in-demand skills? This is what our sourcers do every day.

Free up recruiters to be recruiters

Administration is fundamental to recruitment success. But getting it right can be tricky and time-consuming. Why not draw on our many years’ experience of running seamless recruitment processes all over the globe? Working with your in-house team, and using the latest RPO technology, our specialist administrators can help you manage basic tasks more consistently, efficiently and cost-effectively. And free up the rest of your team to do what they do best.

What else can RPO do for your business?

Entering a new market or closing a talent gap. Scaling up recruiting capability or optimising your entire process. Whatever challenges your business is facing, we have an RPO solution to match.

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