Project RPO & Augmentation

Think hiring great people has to be complex?
We’re here to make it simple.

Scale with precision and flexibility

Every hiring surge poses a headcount conundrum. Expand your talent acquisition team, even though the demand may not prove permanent? Or stretch existing capacity and put your recruitment processes at risk? Our Project RPO and On-Demand solutions offer a much-needed alternative, giving you access to specialist resource – whenever and for however long you need it.

Meet short-term needs.​ Build long-term capability. 

We aren't replacing your talent acquisition team, just helping them grow. Whether you’re building a specialized team from scratch, launching in an emerging market, or facing huge demand for a new business-critical skillset, project-based sprints can place a huge burden on your in-house team. Our recruitment experts will scope, source, interview, contract and onboard the talent you need to meet your business goals - bringing in proven best practices that help your team become more capable in the long run.

Digital paper from Aptitude Research and Wellington Recruitment

There’s a misperception that RPO is only for long-term, complex talent challenges. So, we partnered with Madeline Laurano, founder of Aptitude Research, to explore when and why hundreds of HR and talent leaders lean into recruitment outsourcing on a project basis to fill their TA capability and capacity gaps – and, the long-term value Project RPO drives for their in-house teams.

Outsource on your own terms

Know you’re facing a hiring surge but not sure how long it will last? That’s where our On-Demand service comes in. We bring reinforcements into your in-house team—and keep them there as long as you need them. It’s a highly efficient way to meet peaks in demand, whether they go on for a month, a year or more.

What else can RPO do for your business?

Entering a new market or closing a talent gap. Scaling up project teams or optimising your entire process. Whatever challenges your business is facing, we have an RPO solution to match.

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