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Strong client relationships are at the core of investment banking. But who builds them—and how—is changing day by day. Today’s prized candidates are as likely to be technology experts as traditional investment bankers. And to effectively meet and anticipate demand, you need to drive diversity across front, middle and back office, and from MD-level hires to campus recruitment. As partner to 80% of businesses in the sector, we have the specialist knowledge and expertise you need to do it.

Capture rare skills

People with in-demand digital skills get to pick and choose where they work—and investment banking is rarely top of their list. To bring top tech talent into your business, you need a partner who can create highly targeted sourcing strategies and harness the full power of your employer brand.

Talent Acquisition Solutions

Widen the net

Lack of diversity hurts your business, making it harder for teams to innovate and respond to client needs. We know how to target, attract and retain the diverse talent you need.

Diversity & Inclusion

Let’s mobilise

Many of the best people are working for you already. We can help you solve business challenges through re-skilling, up-skilling and enhanced internal mobility.

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