More flexible.
Less frenetic.

Move even faster than the market

The consumer world is fast and relentless. Whether you’re an FMCG company getting products out the door and onto the shelves, or a retailer anticipating customer demand, you have to be able to stay one step ahead of the market at every turn. We make it easier for you. How? By helping you create a workforce that can flex to meet any challenge and ensuring you have the right talent at the right time, every time.

Find the best people, anywhere

Hiring needs in the consumer sector can be highly complex and diverse. One minute you’re looking for senior leaders in Chicago. The next, you need 100 hourly workers in Nairobi. How to ensure consistency and compliance across the board? As global RPO leaders, we’re able to bring best-in-class talent acquisition solutions to every corner of your organisation.

Talent Acquisition Solutions

Be first to future talent

Consumers love innovation. So if you want to compete and win in the future, you’re going to need an endless stream of fresh thinking and up-to-the-minute ideas. From innovative campus events to a game-changing virtual internship platform, we provide the tools you need to identify and attract the next generation of talent.

Early Careers & Campus

Streamline hourly hiring

Wish there was a simpler, more engaging way to hire high volumes of hourly workers? Our digital solution, Hourly, identifies best-fit applicants in minutes (instead of days) and makes job seekers feel informed and valued at every step in the process.


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