Branded Direct Sourcing

Best tool for attracting talent to your brand?
Your brand.

Maximise your pulling power

Your employer brand is one of your most powerful recruitment and retention tools. You should be using it for all candidates, not just permanent ones. That’s where our branded direct sourcing solutions come in. Rather than operating like a staffing agency, we embed our service into your organisation, connecting with contingent workers through your brand. The result? Better attraction. Better experience. Better fit. And at the best possible price.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Three words that mean everything.

DE&I is not an empty HR phrase. It’s about real, meaningful change. It’s about making your attraction strategy as broad and inclusive as possible. Removing bias from your sourcing, screening, assessment and hiring processes. Ensuring your brand is as attractive to veterans as it is to the LGBTQ+ community (or LGBTQ+ veterans for that matter). DE&I is about unlocking the power of a more diverse workforce to give your business a competitive edge.

At Wellington Recruitment, we embed DE&I into all our programmes. So if you want to create a genuinely diverse and inclusive hiring process, and make quantifiable, measurable progress, let’s talk.

Create long-lasting relationships

Our branded direct sourcing solutions are ideal for building relationships with contingent talent. Why? First, because our many years as an RPO leader mean we are experts at representing other companies’ brands. Second, because you own the candidates from beginning to end. So everyone we connect with, whether we place them or not, strengthens your talent database, not ours.

See tangible results

As in-demand talent gravitates increasingly towards contract work, the competition for contingent workers grows fiercer than ever. Do you have the tools, technology and processes to come out on top? Partner with Wellington Recruitment. We know how to optimise every aspect of your sourcing strategy, helping you achieve shorter cycle times, improved retention rates and higher net promoter scores—with guaranteed cost savings as a result.

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